Nebraska Native Born & Raise, with Midwest Ethics

Ted Wright was born, raised, and has ruled upon the suburbs of southeast Lincoln. After years of listening to music, obsessively watching Dodger games and connecting with the community, he spent many more years doing the exact same things. And then he became an adult.

After graduating from UNL in 1994, Wright spent the subsequent 20 years in the textile rental industry at local and national companies. Involved in marketing, production and management, he grew into multiple executive positions including General Plant Manager, Regional Sales Director, Territory Marketing Advisor and Production Manager.

Nebraska Textiles & Supplies is Wright’s first company. He has honed his previous experience into a singular company focus concerned with customer needs, high quality product and readily available services. He has pruned the best of his work history and added a directness and efficiency that other textile companies are unable to match due to their size (too big or too small). In an era where services need ready solutions from suppliers, Wright has found a way to make as quick of a jump to businesses as they have to customers.