Frequently Asked Questions

Towels, Aprons & Floorcare Program

What towel products do you offer?

We offer a variety of towels in different styles and materials. Whether it’s for the bar, kitchen, or glass polishing, we have the perfect solution for you.

What aprons do you offer?

We offer a range of colors in our standard bistro and bib style.

What do you offer for floor care?

We provide a variety of mat sizes and can customize logo mats upon request. Additionally, we can arrange a weekly rotation to ensure your mats remain clean for your guests. Did you know? Each square foot of our floor mats can hold up to 1lb of dirt!

Floorcare cleaning options?

We offer Microfiber mops, Dust mops, Wet mops.

Uniform Program

What do you offer?

Food Service, Waitstaff, Hospitality, and Maintenance uniforms.

Embroidery an option?

 Yes, we use an outside company for all of our embroidery needs.

Linen Program

What types of linens do you offer?

We offer a broad variety of linens in different materials and styles, from standard tablecloths to colored napkins and more. 

Delivery & Service Agreements

How far will you deliver?

As of now we deliver to Lincoln, Ashland, Omaha, and Council Bluffs.

How does service work for you?

Our rental service agreement offers convenience and flexibility to our customers. It simplifies the rental process, allows adjustment when needed, and ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience. The agreement provides peace of mind and focuses on customer satisfaction and excellence.

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Set it and forget it.

Get in touch to chat about your linen, uniform, and laundry needs.

Setting the Table for Hospitality

We love to see our freshly laundered linens in action. Mention us at @nebraska_textile on Instagram so we can feature you!