Reliability: The Key Ingredients

It comes down to two things: people and process. We have a set method to ensure reliability, but our dedicated team manages the details and adapts when needed. We’re constantly fine-tuning to give you the best service.



Plan and stock.

Each restaurant, bar, and event center has different needs. That’s why we get to know you and your operation. Then, we ensure we have everything you need in stock, from towels to uniforms to napkins.

“I love getting to know each individual client. It’s exciting to see what their business is doing — and to be a part of making it happen.”

– Amy, Owner


    Deliver clean linens and pick up the dirty ones.

    Our route representatives get detailed instructions on what you need and when you need it. As they get to know you, they’ll let our team know what linens you are using (and what you’re not) so we can keep you stocked with accurate inventory.


    “Our friendly linen delivery man, is our fave – it’s always so nice when he comes by on Thursday!”

    – Owner, Goldenrod BakerY


      Drop off linens and sort.

      Our sorting team runs a tight ship. Once dirty linens and uniforms are dropped off at our service center, they get sorted and placed in large hampers with labels. Everything stays sorted from this point on.


      Wash and dry the linens.

      Every piece of laundry gets washed in one of our industrial laundry machines. We use soft water and precise blends of cleaning solutions to ensure your laundry gets impeccably clean.

      Our equipment includes:

      • High-volume washers
      • Industrial water softener
      • Specialty washers
      • High-capacity dryers


      Iron and fold.

      Next, we iron and fold the linens. While many companies use machines to fold towels and tablecloths, we believe in a good old-fashioned hand fold. Plus, this gives us one good last look to ensure nothing is dirty, wrinkled, or torn.


      Back to you!

      Your linens and uniforms are returned to you in pristine condition. Our team manages the inventory going out, ensuring you get what you need when you need it.


      “Nebraska Textile is so easy to work with! The quality of linen provided far exceeds many of the companies we have worked with previously. Communication with their team and mine are seamless!”

      – Britney, A View

        Responsible Recycling

        When something doesn’t meet our standards, we repurpose it as a towels for other businesses, such as painters.

        fancy dinner

        Set it and forget it.

        Get in touch to chat about your linen, uniform, and laundry needs.

        Setting the Table for Hospitality

        We love to see our freshly laundered linens in action. Mention us at @nebraska_textile on Instagram so we can feature you!